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The best AI tools for mortgage brokers

AI can bring significant benefits to a mortgage broker and save you lots of time, effort and resources.

Here are just a few tools that you may want to consider and could be helpful in your day-to-day role.

AI for content and client communications


The one that grabs the headlines and arguably has created the buzz for AI!  It remains a great tool for accelerating thinking and helping with everyday tasks. See our article here for more insight on using ChatGPT effectively.

Bard from Google

Google’s challenge to ChatGPT is a very capable tool. One of the advantages over ChatGPT is that it uses real-time information, as opposed to ChatGPT being limited to information up to 2021 (at the time of writing), so you may get better responses. 

Bard will also provide sources for information, which may be particularly useful for compliance purposes.

Content creation has never been so easy. helps you create content quickly and easily using a range of prompts and guidance. It can help you write anything from long form pages on your website to social media posts on the latest UK mortgage trends. 

It will also help you repurpose blogs or long form content for use in emails and social media.


You may be familiar with Grammarly as it’s been around for a while, but recent advancements in AI have helped take it to the next level.  Historically used for improving grammar and spelling in emails and documents, it’s now progressed to helping you write copy, including improving style and tone.

It’s simple and easy to use and also integrates well with everyday applications such as Word and Google Docs.

AI for business efficiency


Find yourself trawling through large documents to pull out the relevant information and data? enables you to ‘chat’ with documents, enabling you to quickly view and understand the key information. This could be a client report, a lender’s terms and conditions or a company’s annual report and accounts.

Imagine opening a lender’s T&Cs and simply typing, what are the early exit terms? It will summarise them quickly and easily without you having to find them in the document.

Meetings and calls all needing to be transcribed, summarised and analysed? No problem, this is just the tool for you.  Note taking has always been a challenge, but now AI has got in on the act to make things a little easier.  

This tool also integrates with Zoom, Teams and Google Meet helping you record, transcribe and search meeting notes. It could be a huge time saver when following up on client meetings.


Want to level up the productivity in your business?  

Taskade uses AI to help build out task lists, projects and workflows. Great for defining processes and ensuring the team are all following the right process so that nothing gets missed.

Task Capture by UIPath

Whether it’s for training purposes or process improvement. Task Capture enables you to record a process online, such as adding a client record to your CRM or using a sourcing system. It will automatically create process maps and instructions from these recordings so that everyone follows the same process.

It’s all about consistency! No more different ways of doing things that cause issues in the business!

There is a free trial for 60 days, then it’s a paid platform.

How to find more AI solutions

There’s an AI for that! Comprehensive directory of AI tools.

Promoting itself as the largest directory of AI tools and apps, this is a useful place to find AI solutions. 

Although not an AI tool like the others in this list, it is powered by ChatGPT and has over two million subscribers, so it’s worth a browse. Just try not to lose yourself down a rabbit hole full of AI apps!

AI is exciting to many, but it’s worth noting that while AI tools can offer significant business advantages, they do come with risks and overreliance may lead to unintended consequences. 

You should be particularly mindful of data privacy and relying on AI to make decisions that influence client outcomes.  

Before adopting AI, it’s also important to evaluate its relevance to your use case. You may also want to consider developing an AI use policy that can be shared and understood by colleagues.

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