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Using ChatGPT - Hints and Prompts For Mortgage Brokers

By Jon Pittham, MD of ClientsFirst Financial Services Marketing agency

AI is with us, and looks set to have a profound impact on how we live and work in the future.

But what about using AI within your broker firm, to see where it could support your business and help you save time?

One of the most talked about tools is ChatGPT; it’s been created by OpenAI and there are plenty of similar ones available, such as Bard (Google) and the new Bing AI (Microsoft). It definitely has plenty of uses, so here are some ideas that may help you make the most of this very capable AI tool.

Before we start, it’s worth noting that ChatGPT doesn't always get it right and a human eye is essential to check responses before they are published or implemented in your business! What’s more, ChatGPT should never be relied upon to define any compliance or legal policies or procedures.

Having said that, it’s a really useful tool in many areas, such as helping write content for keeping in touch with clients or supporting staff with development, and if you haven’t heard already, it’s all about the prompt! 

So let’s start with how to construct the ideal prompt.  

Use the following structure to help get a better response from ChatGPT. 

There are three things you want to provide:

Setting - Sets the tone or context.
Instruction - What you want it to do; a specific question and the desired output.
Further information, data or context - more background that will help generate a more relevant response.

Here’s an example of a well-constructed prompt:

Setting - As the owner of a mortgage broker in the UK wanting to recruit a Client Manager.
Instruction - Write a job description for a Client Manager
Further information, data or context - Place emphasis on delivering a great client experience, being detail-orientated and working as part of a team

Also note that it is helpful to use a single thread when using ChatGPT, especially if the questions are along the same lines, as it helps to improve contextual understanding. ChatGPT can better remember previous exchanges, references, and user inputs, leading to more relevant responses. 

This means you don’t need to keep telling it you’re a mortgage broker as it will remember this from the first exchange!

Here’s a few examples of ChatGPT prompts that could be used in your business.

A training tool for staff

"As someone who is learning about mortgages in the UK, what are the key differences between fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages? Provide the answers as a list of bullet points."

"As someone who answers the phone to new enquiries within a UK mortgage broker business, write a script for answering new enquiries. Write it in a warm and friendly tone.”

Writing email templates

You can create an email template that can be saved and used consistently across a business, and then ask ChatGPT to use it to structure its email copy. For example:

“Using the template, write me an email explaining what a new self-employed client should consider when looking to take out a mortgage.”

“As a UK mortgage broker, write me an email, using the template, encouraging a client to get in touch to review their mortgage requirements, as their mortgage is due to renew within the next 6 months.”

Help with marketing

“I’m a mortgage broker, give me 5 blog ideas that will be interesting and engaging to homeowners in the UK looking to remortgage and considering their options.”

..then ask it to write a blog on the idea that resonates best.

“Write me 10 tweets and 5 LinkedIn posts promoting the above blog.”

“As regional mortgage broker in the UK, create a marketing campaign plan to attract first-time buyers. Include all offline and online channels.”

Gathering client feedback*

“As a mortgage broker, create for me a customer survey of no more than 10 questions to gather feedback on the remortgage process that a client has just completed with us.”

“As a member of staff within a mortgage brokerage, draft an email requesting a Google review from a customer whom we have helped take out a new mortgage. Use a friendly tone and no more than 100 words.”

Supporting your recruitment process

“As the hiring manager, create a job description for a Client Manager who will work in a UK mortgage brokerage, with a focus on delivering a great client experience.”

Followed by..

“Write me an advert for this role along with 5 tweets and a LinkedIn post to promote it.”

Personal development

“Create a personal development plan for a mortgage administrator who wants to become a mortgage adviser. The plan should last 12 months and focus on technical and communication skills.”

Business guidelines and policies

“As the owner of a mortgage brokerage in the UK, write guidance for employees for maintaining health and wellness in the workplace. It should be no more than 500 words and include practical tips to help maintain a healthy work-life balance.”

You’ll see that ChatGPT has many uses, but it’s the quality of the prompt that influences the quality of the result. It’s always important to review the output, but it can save you valuable time assisting with some of the day-to-day tasks you may be involved in.

There are many resources and guides for ChatGPT, and similar tools, some more useful than others. We hope that this has helped shine a light on some of its varied uses and that you’ll be encouraged to have a play with this emerging technology to see how it may help you…

* For more information about how to generate reviews please take a look at further content available in the Growth Series Hub 

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