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What do your brand colours say about you?

Trust, professionalism and expertise are key qualities for a mortgage broker to possess.

But how do you project these attributes without using those words and listing all your qualifications and experience?

Well, your brand colour scheme can speak a thousand words in an instant, shaping how prospective clients might perceive your brand and its credibility straight away.

It can also sway people’s purchasing decisions, as research has demonstrated that 85 per cent of consumers buy products based on colour*. 

So it’s really important to think about what feelings and associations certain hues can evoke when you’re choosing a colour scheme for your business…


Blue can promote a sense of security, stability, trust and reliability. In other words, you’ll appear to be a safe pair of hands who can guide the client through the mortgage process.


This colour evokes nature and growth, as well as renewal. It can therefore be a good option if you’re keen to present a fresh, responsible approach.


Yellow is a bright colour that creates feelings of warmth, friendliness, optimism and approachability. It’s also a bold choice, so if you’re aiming to be a disruptor in the market who stands out straight away, it’s certainly one to consider.


Black can convey a sense of authority, experience, sophistication and luxury. It could therefore be ideal for brokers with a proven track record or those who are targeting high-net worth clients.


Purple has long been associated with royalty, wealth and wisdom. It could therefore be perfect if you want to convey a high level of expertise, prestige and a long history of success.

Colours aren’t just an aesthetic choice

Choosing the right colours isn't just about picking something that looks nice. It's about creating a strategic message and thinking about what specific emotions you want your target audience to feel.

Do you want to appear fresh and new? Experienced and authoritative? Bold and brash? Safe and reliable? Approachable and youthful?

Your colour scheme will be crucial in conveying this all-important message, before your prospective clients get round to actually reading your brand name, strapline and marketing literature.

Carry out research into the psychology of different colours so you understand how they might be perceived by your audience.

And don't be afraid to experiment with different colour combinations before settling on a final choice. 

Trying out various options can help you see how they each resonate with a sample of your target audience, before you deploy it across your entire business.

So test, test and test, and then you’ll be in a strong position to make the right choice for your business.

Once you’ve picked a colour scheme that you believe fits the bill, apply it consistently across all your marketing materials, from your website and social media to leaflets and office signage.

That will help you build brand recognition across the board and put across the message you wish to convey.

*Colour Influences 50-85% of Consumer Purchasing Decisions, Hong Kong Trade Development Council

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