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What content should I publish on my website?

If you have a blog section on your website, you might sometimes get stuck for ideas on what to write about.

But you don’t have to be a professional marketer to solve this problem.

As a mortgage broker, nobody knows better than you what prospective and current clients are interested in and what information they’re looking for.

So if you need ideas for future blog titles, simply put yourself in the shoes of a client or prospect who is visiting your website, and ask yourself what they would like to see or need to know.

Answers to common questions

If you find yourself often being asked the same questions when you’re speaking to existing or prospective clients, write them down.

It stands to reason that many people will also be searching for answers to these questions online, so using them as blog titles could help you get right in front of the audience you want to attract.

After all, many people will stumble across your website not necessarily because they’re actively searching for a mortgage broker in their area, but because they’re searching online for the answer to a certain query.

You could even carry out your own internet searches or use free keyword research tools to find out how much online discourse there is around questions you commonly receive.

If the page you create appears prominently on the search engine results, a user clicks through and you answer their question clearly, they might realise that you can help them further.

You can even help them come to that realisation by adding a call to action at the end of your article and encourage them to get in touch with you if they have any further questions or need help.

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Mortgages can be a complex and impenetrable subject for members of the public, so you could use your blog to explain in plain English what common terms and frequently used jargon really mean.

That can help visitors to your website feel less intimidated by the mortgage process and show that you’re there to provide practical advice and help, rather than blind them with complex terminology.

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Your views on the news

The mortgage market never stands still, so many people might have questions or concerns about the latest developments and market trends, particularly if they’ve been widely reported in the media.

Your blog is the perfect forum for you to respond and react to current or recent events, so you can explain how they may affect clients, give your expert opinion and acknowledge their worries and concerns.

Not only does this show people visiting your website that you’re keeping a keen eye on what’s happening in the wider market, it also helps to position you as an authority and thought leader in your industry who cares about your clients.

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There are lots of myths and misconceptions around financial products such as mortgages, and you may hear many of them regularly.

Your blog could therefore be an ideal platform for dispelling any erroneous notions, so you can enable visitors to make more informed decisions.

Client case studies

If you have happy clients, you may ask them to leave a review on platforms such as Trustpilot, as these can be very persuasive to those who aren’t sure about whether or not to contact you.

But you could go a step further by asking if they’d be willing to share their story on your website.

What made them get in touch? What challenges did they face? How did you help them? And what was the outcome?

Sharing these real-life examples of where you made a positive difference to your clients could encourage visitors who haven’t yet got in touch that you can help them too.

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The human side of your business

Financial services can often be seen as an impersonal, faceless industry, so why not put a human face on your business by writing blogs about your people?

You could, perhaps, ask people in your team to tell the story of their career, explain what got them into the mortgage trade and what they find most rewarding about their line of work.

It all helps to put a face on your business, so people will feel more comfortable getting in touch with you for the first time.

Every single blog you publish should have a purpose and be designed to fulfil a specific business objective, such as increasing leads or boosting the number of visitors to your website.

At the same time, a well-chosen blog topic can help to establish you as an expert in the mortgage industry and give you an opportunity to share your knowledge, experience and insights.

The best way you can achieve that is to make sure each blog offers real value to readers, and tells them something they want or need to know, and points them towards a particular call to action, such as filling in a form or getting in touch.

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