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Using video to generate more leads

In this blog we explain how video is an effective lead generation tool, before delving into what kinds of video you should be making. We then discuss how you could adapt your video marketing to different social media platforms. If it's more of a 'how to do video conferencing' you need, please read our practical guide to video conferencing article.

Video draws people in a way that no other type of content can match. There is something about the combination of moving images and a story that sets video apart from conventional online posts.

Whereas reading a blog like this requires mental effort to draw out the meaning, the message of a video is far more alluring. By one estimate, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

Fast broadband speeds and high quality mobile cameras mean that video content is slowly but surely taking over the digital universe. And the stats reflect this - each day there are 8 billion video views on Facebook and users spend three times longer watching video than standard content.

All in all, videos are a great way to build rapport, build relationships and establish your mortgage expertise in your local community.


Generating leads through video


Video is one of the best ways to generate leads on social media. Because it has such high rates of engagement, social media algorithms prioritise it over most other forms of content. This means that it is an effective way to build your business’s reach online.

It can be quite difficult to accurately quantify how many leads you directly acquire through any videos you post. You can look at social media engagement data, but it can be hard to say which of these engagements actually become a lead. The relationship can be somewhat indirect - but it is definitely there.

Often, a video will simply just establish your business on a prospect’s radar and they will then turn to you when they need mortgage advice at a later date. You might not know it at the time, but a video you posted on your social channels would have been the first step on a prospect’s journey with your firm.

At other times, someone will come across a video and directly make an enquiry based on the video’s content. A sprinkle of video across your touchpoints can do wonders for your lead generation game.


DIY videos


You don’t need a blockbuster budget to make video content that will generate leads. In fact, sometimes you don’t need any budget at all.

We recently spoke with Chris Targett from Social for Brokers for our Accord Growth Series Podcast. He described how brokers are having great success making videos where they just talk to the front-facing camera on their phone, giving their opinion about a subject or explaining the finer points of a process such as remortgaging.

You can record these videos anywhere - Chris even mentioned brokers recording them while out walking their dog.

These DIY videos have a unique appeal and are arguably more personal than better polished efforts. They give your audience a clear window into your life, giving you greater depth as a mortgage broker.

You don’t need Steven Spielberg on board to create something that really connects with your clients and prospects.


New call-to-action


Getting more professional


While DIY videos are great for some purposes, there is still a space for videos of a professional standard. Such videos are great on your website or where it’s going to be a more permanent feature than a post in a Twitter feed for a few hours.

Well shot and properly edited videos convey a story or message more clearly than their homespun counterparts. These videos are better than DIY efforts to get across a large message - an overview of your entire brand, for instance.

Professional videos show a different side to your firm than a ‘rustic’ DIY piece, emphasising your bespoke service and attention to detail.

Unless you have someone with video experience in your team, it’s probably worth outsourcing this kind of job to a professional videographer. They will be able to make a video that succinctly gets across your key points and fits with your brand.

Polished videos are great for the following:

  • Providing an overview of an area your customers frequently struggle with, like getting a mortgage approved
  • Customer stories
  • An overview of your business
  • Explainer videos


The platforms


Video is an effective tool across pretty much all your online platforms. From your website to your Facebook page, enticing videos have great lead generation power. However, different types of video suit particular platforms:


Mortgage broker videos on Instagram


Instagram is an incredibly popular platform, especially for the younger section of your audience - 67% of 18 to 29 year olds use the platform.

Videos that show a more human side to your business and employees do best on Instagram.

However, be aware that many watch videos on Instagram with the sound off, so it’s worthwhile using a tool like Veed to add subtitles to your Instagram videos. Veed automatically generates subtitles, meaning you don’t have to waste time transcribing your video.


Mortgage broker videos on Facebook


Like Instagram, users prefer laid-back content on Facebook.

For instance, a video that explains how young people can get on the property ladder is likely to generate more ‘noise’ on Facebook than one that explains the latest base rate change by the Bank of England.  

As a social network, Facebook favours recently uploaded content and it can be quite difficult for businesses to get their videos to appear in the main feed. This means that spreading your efforts over many different videos is probably better than putting a lot of time and effort into just one video.

What’s more, Facebook’s algorithms value content that people like and comment on. So try to create videos that will generate some debate. We don’t mean getting political. Rather, try to generate debate around things that your audience would be interested in and are likely to comment on.

For example, you could create a video that talks about the things people always forget to consider on the day of moving house and then invite your audience to comment on things that they have forgotten on moving day in the past.

Of course, it’s still worth uploading your more professional efforts to Facebook.


Mortgage broker videos on LinkedIn


Many prospects who would be a good fit for your brokerage will be active on LinkedIn. The network has 675 million global users, over twice as many as Twitter, and over 28 million in the UK.

LinkedIn is a network to post videos that have a more professional feel - after all, it is a social network that people use for professional networking. You’re unlikely to find as many clips of wacky internet phenomena - like dogs riding skateboards - as you would on other networks.

LinkedIn feeds are typically less ‘noisy’ than Facebook or Instagram, so videos you post here can actually reach an incredibly wide audience. What’s more, content is likely to remain on people’s feeds for a longer period of time as people don’t post so regularly.

With the rise in demand for video showing no sign of slowing down, it’s definitely worth thinking about how you can use video to improve your marketing efforts. You never know just how many leads you could generate through this exciting form of content. For more tips on growing your business, don’t forget to visit our Growth Series.


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