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Podcast #81 - The Future of Commercial Lending


In episode 81 of the Growth Series podcast, Tom Simpson, Managing Director for YBS Commercial Mortgages, is joined by Norman Chambers, Managing Director of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), to discuss the commercial mortgages market, the opportunities and threats faced by the sector, and what the future might look like.

Tom begins by asking Norman to discuss his background in banking, how he got into the commercial market and the key differences between the commercial and residential markets.

Norman goes on to describe his role at the NACFB, and talks about the influence the body has had on the commercial market. For example, he describes times when the NACFB has lobbied organisations such as the Treasury and the British Business Bank on issues including Basel III.

The conversation turns to how the NACFB can help brokers to support SMEs, and he believes education is key, so brokers can have better knowledge of the real estate market.

Tom then asks Norman what the NACFB looks for from a lender partner, and Norman says he simply wants transparency in terms of their offering and for them to do what they say on the tin.

Norman then discusses recent changes in the commercial market and how it may continue to evolve in 2023 and beyond. He predicts that great opportunities lie ahead, despite wider economic issues and factors such as the Ukraine war. However, he points out that brokers want clearer direction from the government on the energy crisis in particular, as uncertainty over energy prices means SMEs cannot plan their future costs.

The pair then talk about how the government could better support the commercial market, and Norman says he would like to see more done to incentivise sustainable investment for SMEs and measures to help SMEs transition away from high-cost energy.

Norman adds that brokers should focus on networking with each other and share their experiences to improve their knowledge of the sector.

00:54 to 25:46:

  • Introduction to the guest
  • How the commercial market is different to the residential market
  • Norman’s role at the NACFB
  • The influence of the NACFB on the commercial real estate market
  • How the NACFB can help brokers support SMEs
  • How the NACFB supports the wider sector
  • What the NACFB looks for from a lender partner
  • How the commercial market has changed in recent years
  • The future of the commercial market
  • Brokers’ concerns
  • NACFB Broker Academy
  • Impact of government policy on the commercial market
  • How lenders and brokers can better support the commercial market
  • The role of the commercial finance broker

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