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How chatbots can help you improve the client experience

In recent years, consumers have got used to instant, round-the-clock convenience from the businesses they deal with.

Yet for many people, navigating the mortgage process remains as complex and time-consuming as ever.

So how can mortgage brokers make it more convenient and accessible for potential homebuyers and those looking to remortgage their property?

Well, chatbots could be part of the solution.

Chatbots are conversational AI tools that can simulate interaction with a human through text or voice messages on a company’s website.

You’ll probably have interacted with them yourself if you have a query about an online purchase or if you’re dealing with your bank.

So you’ll have seen firsthand how it can streamline the customer experience and give you the answers you need quickly.

How chatbots could help mortgage brokers

24/7 support

Many of your clients will be time-poor and not always able to phone you up during traditional office hours. Chatbots, however, mean they can access information and get answers to basic questions at a time that suits them, even at times that you’re not sitting at the end of a phone.

Enable better support for clients with complex needs

Since chatbots can answer basic queries about issues such as mortgage eligibility criteria and interest rates, you can spend more of your valuable time dealing with clients who have more complex needs and circumstances.

Chatbots can also automate repetitive tasks such as scheduling appointments, collecting documents and sending reminders, which again frees up more hours that you can spend working with clients and building stronger client relationships.

Gathering useful customer data

Chatbots are a useful tool for gaining insights into your clients’ needs, circumstances and preferences, such as contact information, income estimates, and property details. 

You can then use this information to better tailor your communications and the services you offer to each individual.

Improved lead generation

Chatbots can engage with visitors to your websites as soon as they arrive, asking potential leads questions about their current situation and what help they need.

They can then weed out unqualified enquiries and identify those with a higher chance of converting.

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How to choose a chatbot platform

If you’ve decided that adding chatbots to your website is a good idea, the next step is to pick the right chatbot platform. 

So what factors should you consider when making a decision?

Ease of use

You’re a mortgage broker, not a tech boffin, so it’s important to think about how much expertise you need to set up and manage your chatbot.

Some platforms may require you to have some basic coding knowledge, whereas others will offer features that beginners can understand, such as drag-and-drop functionality.


Does it have features that will make your life easier, such as the ability to qualify leads and schedule appointments?

Data protection

Does the platform comply with data privacy and security rules, such as GDPR? 


Will the platform you’re looking at integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM system and website?


Will the chatbot platform be able to scale up in line with the future growth of your business?


Chatbot platforms offer various pricing models, so make sure that any options on the table are affordable, offer good value and are likely to deliver a healthy return on investment.

If consumers have questions that need answering, they don’t want to wait, and they also want and expect to be pointed towards the products, services and people who can help them quickly and efficiently.

Brokers, meanwhile, want to focus on important tasks such as providing personalised advice and building relationships with clients.

Chatbots can help both groups achieve these outcomes and could be the element that sets you apart from your competitors.

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