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Podcast #94 - Broker Talks: Mental Health



In episode 94 of the Growth Series podcast, Sian Varone, Business Development Manager at Accord Mortgages, speaks to Hemat Natha, CEO and Advisor at Mortgage Advice Point, about mental health and why it is important for brokers.

Sian begins by asking Hemat how mortgage brokers can effectively balance the demands of their profession with maintaining good mental health. Hemat says brokers must look after themselves, partly by maintaining a good work-life balance and not working excessively long hours.

He adds that brokers can also reduce stress and burnout by being realistic about deadlines, prioritising tasks and using admin support within their business.

Sian goes on to ask what role a supportive workplace environment can play in protecting a broker’s mental health, and Hemat insists that communication between brokers and team members is essential, from general chats between colleagues to planned days out for the team.

The conversation then turns to misconceptions about the mental health challenges faced by mortgage brokers and how these can be addressed.

Hemat says the main misconception is that the job is easy, when this is not the case, partly because of constant market fluctuations and regulatory changes. He also notes that the job can be emotionally taxing.

Next, Sian asks what advice Hemat would give to new brokers, and he insists that education and learning your craft is crucial, as is recognising the signs of burnout.

Finally, she asks Hemat whether there are any resources available specifically for brokers who are looking to protect their mental health, and he points people towards the Mortgage Industry Health Charter.

00:45 to 56:13

  • Introduction to guest
  • Balancing professional demands with mental health
  • Strategies to reduce stress
  • The role of a supportive environment
  • Specific challenges that brokers face
  • Misconceptions about mental health challenges faced by brokers
  • The impact of regulation on mental health
  • Advice for brokers
  • Self-care tips
  • Support networks and resources for brokers
  • Examples of brokers successfully managing their mental health


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