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Podcast #92 - Broker Talks: Technology



In episode 92 of the Growth Series podcast, Yvonne Payne, Business Development Manager at Accord Mortgages, speaks to George Williamson of the Mortgage Advice Brokerage, about the difference technology can make to brokers.

Yvonne begins by asking George about how his business has utilised technology to help streamline the customer journey. George notes that the pandemic triggered a big shift in how it uses technology, and led to it exploring how to use technology to make processes easier both for the business and for clients.

He also discusses how technology has empowered customers to be more informed and engaged throughout the process.

The conversation then turns to the changing expectations of mortgage clients and how brokers have adapted services accordingly.

George says advances such as video conferencing have been a game changer for brokers and that clients of all ages now expect it to be available. However, he stresses that he doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why face-to-face meetings are available to those who want them.

Next, Yvonne asks how George has used tech to keep in touch with clients to provide education and reassurance outside of the normal transaction window.

He discusses how his business has created an app to send videos and messages to keep clients up to date, and describes this as an easy, non-invasive way to help clients remember who you are and that you’re there.

George then discusses how his business makes sure it remains accessible and user-friendly to less tech-savvy clients, such as older people.

The pair move on to what the future holds, and George notes that while AI is the main buzzword at the moment, he believes this is not next year’s concern for the mortgage sector, as there are more immediate priorities such as getting lenders integrated into CRMs.

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00:45 to 22:24

  • Introduction to guest
  • How technology has streamlined the customer journey
  • How technology has empowered customers
  • The changing expectations of mortgage clients
  • Using tech to educate clients
  • Making sure brokers are accessible to all demographics
  • Future tech innovations
  • Challenges faced during digital transformation
  • How technology can help broaden the client base
  • Staying ahead of the curve
  • Tips for getting started

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