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Podcast #90 - Broker Talks: Training and Development



In episode 90  of the Growth Series podcast, Jess Keniwell, Business Development Manager at Accord Mortgages, speaks to Phil Anderson, Director at Phil Anderson Financial, about training and development.

Jess begins by asking Phil how to establish a culture of learning and development within a mortgage broker firm, and he answers that this starts at the top and with leading by example.

Next, Phil is asked how he would identify the training needs of an individual. Phil says his organisation carries out regular training needs analyses, along with team meetings and 121s.

He also notes that he’s a big believer in lifelong learning, especially in financial services, as the marketplace is constantly changing and evolving.

The conversation then turns to ensuring that any training and development opportunities provided align with the strategic goals of a mortgage broker firm.

Phil says good communication is the key, so everyone understands the wider business goals and can all pull in the right direction.

Jess then asks Phil how he evaluates the effectiveness of his training and development programs. He replies testing and measuring is important, as is using management information to identify trends, such as individual conversion rates and where leads are coming from.

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00:45 to 28:29

  • Introduction to guest
  • Establishing a culture of learning and development
  • Identifying a person’s training needs
  • Encouraging continuous learning and development
  • Ensuring training and development opportunities align with company goals
  • Important certifications and qualifications
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training and development programs


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