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Podcast #88 - Broker Talks - What I Wish I'd Known



In episode 88 of the Growth Series podcast, Adam Parker, Business Development Manager at Accord Mortgages, speaks to Pam Brown, owner of Oxfordshire-based company Pam Brown Mortgages, about how to set up a successful business, what Pam’s learned while working in the mortgage industry, and what she wishes she’d known beforehand.

Adam begins by asking what challenges Pam faced when setting up her brokerage and how she overcame them. Pam notes that one of her main errors was trusting the first people she met, rather than seeking out the right people to help her get the business off the ground.

She also discusses how she was often very hard on herself early on in her career, comparing herself unfavourably to others in her industry.

Adam then asks what advice Pam would give to someone who is considering entering the mortgage brokerage field today. Pam says repeat business is your bread and butter when you’re setting up a business, so it’s important to treat all clients with the same level of respect, including people you’ve advised in the past.

The conversation then turns to networking and building relationships with other professionals in the mortgage industry. Pam remarks that networking is enormously important, as brokers need to have people around them whom they can ask questions without the fear of looking silly.

Next, Adam asks Pam what financial considerations or budgeting tips she would offer to someone starting their own mortgage brokerage business.

Pam again stresses the importance of focusing on existing clients, as she believes people can be so focused on getting new clients that they neglect the people already on their books.

She adds that brokers can also ask existing clients for potential leads, as this can save businesses lots of money.

00:50 to 56:37

  • Introduction to guest
  • Challenges Pam has faced
  • What Pam wishes she’d known before starting a business
  • Advice for people entering the brokerage industry today
  • Attracting and retaining clients
  • How to establish and nurture industry relationships
  • What tools does Pam wish she’d implemented earlier?
  • How Pam stays up to date
  • Financial advice for people starting a brokerage business
  • Common misconceptions about the mortgage industry


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