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Podcast #86 - The outlook for the Buy-To-Let market


In episode 86 of the Growth Series podcast, Chris Hill, Senior Manager at Accord Mortgages, speaks with Chris Frame, Senior Director at Get Ground, about how conditions in the buy-to-let mortgage market are likely to evolve in 2023 and beyond.

He begins by asking about the outlook for the buy-to-market, and Chris replies that while the last 12 months have been challenging economically, the UK property market has remained resilient throughout.

In fact, he observes that a great deal of investors still see UK property as a safe option, but points out that many are cautious and are looking for education, content and support to guide them.

This, he says, could open up opportunities for brokers, as they can position themselves as experts in this field and provide this guidance.

Chris also notes that while London is still a key focus, investors are increasingly being drawn to cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, as they offer slightly lower price points and potentially higher yields.

The conversation then turns to why limited company purchase structures are important for buy-to-let purchases. Chris explains that this approach offers benefits such as tax efficiencies, which can improve the performance of an investment.

Finally, Chris is asked what opportunities the market offers in the near future, and he says investors can take advantage of demand for rental property outstripping supply by negotiating for property at a better price.

00:45 to 18:13

  • Introduction to the guest
  • The outlook for the buy-to-let market
  • Appetite among buy-to-let investors
  • Ltd companies
  • Opportunities in the market


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