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Podcast #64 - Broker - landlord relationships in the Buy to Let market


In episode 64 of the Growth Series podcast, Andy Millard, Corporate Account Manager at Accord is joined by Jeni Browne, Business Development Director at Mortgages for Business and Tim Field, owner of Pelham Properties. In this episode, they delve into the world of buy-to-let to see how brokers can ensure they’re helping their landlord clients in the best way possible, building a beneficial relationship for all involved. 

Andy begins by introducing his guests, and explains their impressive experience and accolades in their respective fields. Getting straight into the insights, the question is raised as to why the relationship between a broker and a landlord is just so important.

Both guests share their opinions, looking at the topic from multiple perspectives. Clarity of communication and honesty are pinpointed as integral aspects to a successful partnership. They also introduce the idea of sharing knowledge. Moving onto how to ensure the broker landlord relationship can be a lasting one, communication is also seen as an irreplaceable aspect.

The conversation then turns to the potential challenges that can arise between a landlord and a broker, and how those difficulties can be overcome. Jeni points out that in the mortgage market the possibility for challenges is endless, particularly at times such as the stamp duty holiday where the lenders were dealing with a massive volume of work. Communication continues to be key, especially in those difficult and busy times. Jeni explains how being honest, transparent and communicative is the best way to overcome the challenge.

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The spotlight is shone on the importance of incorporating the insight of landlords into the market, and Andy asks Tim his views on whether lenders are doing enough to support the buy-to-let market. This also leads Jeni to discuss the potential for innovation for lenders to support in that area.

Andy asks Tim about his experience as a landlord throughout the pandemic; he provides thought- provoking talking points that touch both the business and human aspects of navigating a particularly emotional time for tenants. Looking forward, they then discuss the future of the BTL market.

To round off the conversation, they share top tips and key information that landlords need to be aware of in the coming months and years in order to be successful.

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0.47 - 24.31 discuss:

  • Introduction to guests
  • Why the relationship between a broker and a landlord is so important
  • What makes a lasting relationship
  • Overcoming challenges between landlords and brokers
  • How lenders impact the relationship
  • Opportunities for lenders to innovate
  • Landlord and tenants throughout the pandemic
  • The future of the BTL market
  • Top tips for landlords

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