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Podcast #62 - The Buy to let Mortgage Market


In episode 62 of the Growth Series podcast, Chris Hill, Senior Manager of Intermediary Distribution at Accord is joined by Liz Syms, CEO and Founder of Connect Mortgages and Connect for Intermediaries. In this episode, they provide insight into the ever-changing mortgage market and what priorities and plans for the year ahead may be of interest to brokers, particularly those interested in BTL, Buy to Let.

Beginning with an introduction to Liz and her experience, Chris asks her to expand on her background, current role and position within the industry. This leads them to discuss the benefits of the BTL market and the likely opportunities within the BTL mortgage market this year and beyond Liz points to the stamp duty incentives as a reason for recent market buoyancy, and explains that BTL is not a seasonal business. She suggests that an increasing demand for flexible homes and different types of properties will provide ongoing opportunities.

Turning the conversation towards the Connect Network, Liz provides some insight into the experiences and information that Connect members have been sharing lately that would be particularly useful for all BTL mortgage brokers. What the market will look like after September is a recurring topic of conversation for members, as well as the increasing cost of refurbishment. She paints this in a positive light, pointing out the benefits that brokers can see from making capital investments in their properties.

The discussion turns its attention more to the client side, where Liz and Chris talk about the current key requirements for BTL investors. Liz explains the importance for a broker to understand the strategy of individual investors. Naturally, this opens the door for advice for brokers looking to grow their BTL businesses, and how an understanding of what investors requirements are can help in that area.

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There’s been a bounce back for BTL mortgages deals. They’re now happening at the highest rate since the start of the pandemic: Chris opens up this topic and he and Liz discuss what they see as the contributing factors. They revisit this topic slightly later in the chat with their thoughts on what could impact the demand for BTL, for better or worse, as time moves on.

They point out that some people may believe that BTL mortgages are only for experienced landlords and talk through whether or not that’s a misconception. Chris questions whether there is an opportunity for brokers to focus on traditional homeowners, perhaps those who are considering remortgaging for equity. Liz explains how the average landlord sits below the criteria for a portfolio landlord, with only 3 properties and that there are certainly opportunities for people looking for supplementary income.

They round off the conversation by sharing top tips for brokers who are looking to learn more about the opportunities that BTL can offer.

The Growth Series is a dedicated resource that aims to help mortgage brokers grow their business using digital and communications marketing techniques. For more hints and tips on how to grow your business, you can sign up to the Growth Series for free, here.

1.01 - 30.25 discuss:

  • Introduction to Liz
  • Opportunities within the BTL Mortgage market this year
  • Useful insights for BTL Mortgage brokers
  • The key requirements for BTL investors
  • The priorities of the Connect Network
  • The bounce back of BTL mortgage deals
  • Opportunities for first-time landlords
  • The future of demand for BTL mortgages
  • The truth about application flexibility
  • Top tips for brokers interested in BTL

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