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Podcast #56 - Representing women in financial services


In episode 56 of the Growth Series podcast, Nadine Edwards, Corporate Account Manager at Accord Mortgages, is joined by Louisa Sedgwick, Chair of IMLA and Managing Director for Vida Home Loans, Nicola Firth, CEO and Founder of Knowledge Bank, and Niki Cooke, Head of Intermediary at Twenty7Tec. In this episode, Nadine, Louisa, Nicola, and Niki celebrate International Women’s Day by taking a look at what it means to be a successful woman in financial services.

Nadine starts the conversation with an introduction to her three guests and asks each of them what it was like starting out in the financial world. Surprisingly, each of them gave similar stories about not realising they’d entered the sector until years into their careers. They also comment on how, once they understood the industry, it became very fulfilling to help people achieve their financial goals.

The four then go on to discuss the role models they have had throughout their careers and what makes an especially valuable role model. Reflecting on women like Sally Laker, Isabel Langton and Maria Harris, they illuminate the qualities that make them stand out and worth looking up to. They also explore what they and other successful women in the industry can do to support others in achieving their career objectives.

They discuss the biggest challenges they have faced in their careers and how they overcame them. All three industry leaders also share what actions they took early on to progress their careers.

To close off the conversation, Nadine asks each of her guests to share both the best advice they’ve been given and the advice they most want others to know when entering the field of financial services. 

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1.06 - 41.08 discuss:

  • An introduction to Louisa, Nicola and Niki
  • What starting in financial services is like
  • Female role models in the sector
  • What makes a great role model
  • How to inspire other women to achieve career goals
  • How each guest has progressed their career
  • Challenges they’ve faced and how they overcame them
  • Best advice they’ve been given over the years
  • Their top advice for women just starting their financial services career
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