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Andy Millard & Jeni Browne

12/11/2020 Podcast #50 - Buy to let, What’s the outlook post-pandemic?

with Andy Millard & Jeni Browne


In episode 50 of the Growth Series podcast, Andy Millard, Corporate Account Manager at Accord Mortgages, is joined by Jeni Browne, Business Development Director from Mortgages for Business. An award-winning firm, Mortgages for Business was voted Best Buy-to-Let Mortgage Broker at the What Mortgage Awards in both 2019 and 2020. Andy and Jeni discuss the world of Buy-to-Let and its outlook in the wake of Covid-19.

This episode looks at how this year has impacted the Buy-to-Let market, how brokers can support their clients, and what’s likely to come next for Buy-to-Let. 

Andy and Jeni discuss some of the biggest challenges currently facing the Buy-to-Let market, from urban migration to uncertainty and increased regulations. In Jeni’s view, the turbulence experienced in the earlier part of this year has broadly evened out with only regional exceptions. 

Jeni explores the concept of innovation within the Buy-to-Let space. Assuring listeners that landlords are a stalwart bunch, she shares her thoughts on how the market may be shaped by the changes that have taken place this year. She also poses the idea of landlords investing in properties, or transforming existing ones, to enable tenants to work more easily from home.

Jeni concludes with this advice to the industry: transparency and open communication are key! Brokers, lenders and landlords all need to be working more closely together to see future success.

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0.54 - 25.29 discuss:

  • Insight into Mortgages for Business
  • Looking at research from the National Residential Landlords’ Association
  • Jeni’s advice for landlords as payment deferment ends
  • The biggest challenges facing landlords & how brokers can help their clients
  • The impact of the urban exodus
  • How industry relationships have changed in 2020
  • What might impact Buy-to-Let in the next 6 months
  • How the industry can support landlords and Buy-to-Let brokers
  • What innovation could look like in Buy-to-Let
  • Jeni’s top advice for brokers who want to expand their knowledge and their Buy-to-Let client base

25.59 - 27.23 - Outro

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