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Podcast #49 - Creating a healthy workplace culture

In episode 49 of the Growth Series podcast, Nicola Alvarez, Corporate Account Manager at Accord Mortgages, is joined by Dom Scott, Managing Director at Alexander Hall, and Tom Davies, Sales Director at Alexander Hall. Alexander Hall is an award-winning mortgage advisory firm that has put clear and significant effort into workplace wellbeing. Together, Nicola, Dom and Tom discuss the necessity of investing in employees.

This episode explores both the way that the Alexander Hall team approaches the creation of a healthy workplace and how other firms can follow suit.

Dom and Tom put particular emphasis on the role that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) plays in creating an environment that truly cares and helps their employees grow. Alexander Hall is involved in many D&I initiatives in the hope of building a more inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.

The duo also share their findings for how firms can achieve a healthy work culture, even in the face of working from home. From consistent communications, to enabling employees to maintain their work relationships, Dom and Tom have seen that connection is the greatest part of ensuring a supportive and people-focused environment.

The Growth Series is a dedicated resource that aims to help mortgage brokers grow their business using digital and communications marketing techniques. For more hints and tips on how to grow your business, you can sign up to the Growth Series for free, here.

0 - 0.12 Intro

0.12 - 43.10 discuss:

  • How culture attracted top talent to Alexander Hall
  • What constitutes a healthy workplace environment
  • Defining culture through company values
  • Initiatives for employee wellbeing and engagement
  • How to implement a healthy culture with a tight budget
  • Diversity and Inclusion as part of a healthy workplace
  • Bringing culture into remote working through communication
  • The challenges of remote working
  • How firms can ensure they are doing the right thing with respect to Diversity and Inclusion
  • What leaders can do to be better allies

43.10 - 43.51 Outro

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