The Growth Series

Podcast #48 - Virtual Networking

This special episode on how brokers can network at a time where physical networking may not be possible features three guest speakers. Katie Pepper, External Communications Manager at Accord Mortgages, is joined by Rebecca Andrew, Financial Adviser at Eleven:Eleven, Richard Bassinder, Social Media Manager at YBS, and Makayla Everitt, Head of Mortgages at SimplyBiz Group. Together, they draw on their own experiences to discuss how to network online.

The first guest is Rebecca Andrew. She discusses how she has built a strong network in the financial planning world through connecting online with the forward-thinking financial advice network NextGen Planners. This group provided her with great support during the coronavirus pandemic, helping her adapt to the constantly changing circumstances. She then explains how strong professional relationships are often built through a common interest outside of work, in her case running, which can be the spark to start a helpful relationship.

Our second guest is Richard Bassinder. Richard talks about ways that brokers can use social media to grow their networks. He specifically talks about how brokers can get the most out of LinkedIn and explains how brokers need to evolve to see the social network as more of an ongoing professional portfolio. As a platform for promotion, LinkedIn provides a space to do some amazing stuff, whether for recruitment or establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Makayla Everitt joins us as our final guest. She explains how SimplyBiz adapted fast to continue to support their members through a series of events since the coronavirus outbreak. This meant launching a new virtual system in just a few days, allowing the mortgage network to continue to deliver events. She explains how these kinds of events continue to provide brokers with a space to network, even when real socialising might not be possible.

The Growth Series is a dedicated resource that aims to help mortgage brokers grow their business using digital and communications marketing techniques. For more hints and tips on how to grow your business, you can sign up to the Growth Series for free, here.

00.00-1.25  Intro

1.26 - 15.30  Katie and Rebecca discuss:

  • The importance of socialising during lockdown
  • Why networking is crucial for business growth
  • How to grow your network online
  • Building valuable professional relationships


15.31- 28.15 Katie and Richard discuss:

  • How to use LinkedIn as a networking tool
  • Why talking about yourself in the right way is important
  • Building a powerful LinkedIn profile

28.15 - 44.16 Katie and Makayla discuss: 

  • Running mortgage events virtually
  • Adapting to lockdown restrictions
  • Integrating technology into virtual events


44.16 - 46.09 Outro

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