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John Brenan & Liz Robinson

31/08/2018 Podcast #4 (Part 1) - How to implement small SEO changes which make a big difference

Part 1 (of 2)

In part one of the fourth episode of the Accord Growth Series podcast, John Brenan, Media Relations Manager at Accord Mortgages, is joined by Liz Robinson, Client Services Director at Digital Consortium, to discuss how small search engine optimisation (SEO) changes can have a profound impact on where your website appears in Google searches.

Smaller Mortgage Brokers especially can struggle to compete with larger national companies to appear in the first page for relevant searches. In the first part of the podcast, Liz discusses some simple changes you can make to your website that enable Google to better understand its content. She gives an overview of how mortgage brokers can use convenient tools like Search Console, Wix and Wordpress to create a website that ticks all of Google’s boxes and give you a better chance of appearing in your prospects’ searches.

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Podcast #4 Part #1

0.00 - 1.20: Welcome and introduction

1.20 - 26:25: In conversation with John Brenan, Media Relations Manager at Accord Mortgages and Liz Robinson, Client Services Director at Digital Consortium, covering details such as:

  • Getting your website indexed
  • Registering your website on Google My Business
  • Optimising your site for Google bots and crawlers
  • Getting an SSL certificate
  • Making your website mobile friendly
  • 26.25 - 27.02: Outro

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