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Podcast #38 - adapting to our changing world (3)


In episode 38 of the Growth Series podcast, Chris Hill, Regional Sales Manager at Accord, is joined by Dan Maskell, Director of Finance Planning Group. FPG offers award-winning mortgage and protection advice throughout the southeast and nationwide. The company prides itself on its care and commitment to expertise as well as on its focus on people. Together, Chris and Dan explore what changes Finance Planning Group and advisers have seen during Covid-19.

This is the third episode in a special series looking at ‘the new normal’ and how intermediaries are coping with trying times. Dan takes us through how his days have changed, the Finance Planning Group’s response to lockdown and coronavirus, and how to cope with this new way of working. 

Dan’s positive and proactive approach to change has been instrumental in FPG’s response to the current situation and he shares his thoughts on how to maintain that attitude. From appreciating the time he now has with family to keeping himself motivated, Chris and Dan discuss the ways that brokers can harness an optimistic outlook to make the most of these circumstances.

The Growth Series is a dedicated resource that aims to help mortgage brokers grow their business using digital and communications marketing techniques. For more hints and tips on how to grow your business, you can sign up to the Growth Series for free, here.

2.00 - 27.02 discuss:

  • The importance of making space for young advisers
  • Working from home and increased family time
  • Challenges posed by remote working 
  • How swift and frequent communication has been key
  • Using this time to upskill to add value
  • Advice for managing mental health
  • Setting targets and keeping a positive attitude.

27.03 - 28.03 Outro

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