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Podcast #28 - Corporate Social Responsibility



In episode 28 of the Growth Series podcast, Katie Pepper, Communications Manager at Accord Mortgages, is joined by Alison Hutchinson CBE, CEO of Pennies - the award-winning digital charity box - and a Non-Executive Director of Yorkshire Building Society. Together they discuss corporate social responsibility (CSR), the self-regulating policy that ensures businesses contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic or charitable nature, and engage in ethically-oriented practices.

CSR is a change in mindset, not just a box ticking exercise which adds value back to the community the business operates in. Alison and Katie discuss how brokers can get involved in their communities, and how CSR is not only reserved for the larger corporates that have a greater ability to put money towards charitable causes. 

Alison explores how brokers, including similar smaller and medium-sized companies, can get involved.

She argues that by 2020, millenials are expected to form 50% of the UK’s workforce, and recent research by Pennies found that 86% of Millennials would take a paycut to work with a company with like-minded missions and values. If companies don’t deliver the value that this new workforce expect, they will look elsewhere for work. So the message to companies is that if you want to attract and retain the best people, you need to embrace a change in culture that fits with 21st century global needs.

Alison highlights how Greta Thunberg has motivated 4 million people across 150 countries to protest against the lack of pace governments are showing in dealing with climate change. So the issue isn’t going away and companies can step in and take the opportunity to really embrace and be at the front end of positive change.

They end the podcast with a powerful metaphor involving Fredo chocolate bars and charitable giving.

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Podcast #28

0.00 - 1.20 Welcome and Introduction

1.21 - 20.47 Katie Pepper and Alison Hutchinson CBE discuss:

  • What corporate responsibility means, and how it ties in to community programmes and charitable giving.
  • What impact do you think this has on the culture of a business?
  • How can business owners start the ball rolling in terms of being more actively involved in this area?
  • How can businesses ensure the entire team is brought in and actively engaged with any initiative?
  • What do you see some of the best firms doing and how can brokers emulate this?

20.48 - 21.59 Outro


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