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Podcast #16 - How to advise clients through times of uncertainty and volatility



In episode 16 of the Growth Series podcast, Jeremy Duncombe, Director of Intermediaries at Accord Mortgages, is joined by Shaun Church, Director at Private Finance, to discuss times of uncertainty in the market and the strategies that brokers can implement to steer clients through market volatility.

Shaun discusses how, having developed his own skills during the financial crisis of 2008, uncertainty is something that can be survived and, in fact, is something in which you can thrive. Considering how the industry is cyclical and that, “when one door closes another opens,” the importance of being open to market segments that aren’t necessarily your traditional areas in uncertain times becomes clear.

Although he’s quick to admit that the insecurity surrounding Brexit “is certainly keeping us on our toes,” Shaun recognises that, for brokers, the underlying basics of providing solid advice to clients based on their individual circumstances and assisting where you can with sort process and planning, remain the same.

It’s always important to maintain consistent and useful communication with your clients, but it’s particularly important in times of uncertainty. Shaun picks up on this, saying how as a modern business, “it’s become imperative to communicate with your clients across all forms of media.” He notes that as the shift towards longer term fixed rates increases in velocity, and perhaps replaces opportunities for more traditional repeat business, it’s important to continue to stay in touch with clients who you may begin to see less frequently.

Shaun and Jeremy discuss the ways in which to do this successfully, how to communicate relevant information appropriately to your target market, and the importance of avoiding becoming spam by providing quality content.

The rise in longer term fixed rate mortgages becomes a hot topic of discussion, with Shaun expressing his interest in the potential for innovation in offerings from mortgage providers. Ultimately, even in these uncertain times, there’s positivity to be found and as Shaun summarises: “I think, as brokers, our whole reason for being is to ensure that clients are getting the best advice we can possibly give, and the fact that that’s backed up by the numbers is super reassuring for everyone involved.”

The Growth Series is a dedicated resource that aims to help mortgage brokers grow their business using digital and communications marketing techniques. For more hints and tips on how to grow your business, you can sign up to the Growth Series for free, here.


Podcast #16

0.00  - 1.21 - Welcome and introduction

1.21 - 23.54 - In conversation with Jeremy Duncombe, Director of Intermediaries at Accord Mortgages, is Shaun Church, Director of Private Finance, discussing times of uncertainty in the market, specifically detailing:

  • Finding opportunity in uncertainty; benefiting your clients and your business
  • The importance of communicating appropriately with your clients, regardless of geographical and time challenges
  • The inevitable rise of longer term fixed rate mortgages


23.54 - 24.49 Outro


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