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Podcast #104 - Mortgage Mastery: Leading a growing business



In episode 104 of the Growth Series podcast, Natalie Pater, Regional Key Account Manager for PMS interviews Jamie Lewis, Managing Director at Affinity Mortgages and Tim Atkinson, Managing Director at Mortgage Required to share fascinating stories and invaluable advice about growing their businesses. They are also members of the Industry Panel for Advice (IPFA), advocating on behalf of UK financial advisors and their customers. 

Jamie and Tim have unique yet surprisingly similar career paths. Each of them started in the estate agency world and transitioned into the mortgage industry. Jamie's motivation for the shift stemmed from his desire for a change after feeling burnt out trying to appease uninterested estate clients. Tim, on the other hand, found his calling after seeing the lifestyle and appeal of successful mortgage brokers.

The transition for Jamie was especially challenging considering he enjoyed the direct engagement with clients. He decided to step away from advising to focus on leadership when balancing both roles became overwhelming. Jamie emphasised the importance of trust and empowerment when handing over his clients to his team, which he found tough but ultimately rewarding.

When it comes to building a stellar team, both directors believe in hiring based on personal qualities and then training for skill. Jamie prefers candidates who align with the company’s moral code and values. Tim runs a successful academy to bring in young talent, mitigating early challenges in staff recruitment.

For Jamie and Tim, success isn't just about numbers; it's also about nurturing a harmonious and empathetic workplace. The key elements they've focused on include treating employees as adults and building a collaborative, family-like environment.

They emphasise understanding individual motivations as crucial for managing a team effectively. Tim also stresses the importance of having fun and creating an enjoyable work environment, as long hours and hard work are part and parcel of the business.

Jamie takes pride in the personal and professional growth of his team members. Watching team members buy houses, start families and achieve career milestones is his biggest accomplishment. For Tim, continuing to find enjoyment and purpose in their work while growing sustainably is a significant achievement in itself.

This insightful conversation highlights the importance of trust, empathy and a strong, values-driven team in the path to successfully growing a mortgage business. Whether you're an aspiring broker, a seasoned advisor or an industry leader, there's something to learn from Jamie and Tim's journey.

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00:52 to 36:02

  • 00:52 Meet the Guests: Jamie Lewis and Tim Atkinson
  • 01:41 Tim Atkinson's Journey into Mortgages
  • 02:48 Jamie Lewis's Path to Becoming a Mortgage Broker
  • 04:23 Motivations and Early Experiences in the Mortgage Industry
  • 11:08 Challenges and Transitions in Leadership
  • 16:19 Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Talent
  • 24:19 Leadership Lessons and Team Management
  • 25:48 Balancing Leadership and Industry Trends
  • 28:15 Advice for Aspiring Mortgage Brokers
  • 30:16 Achievements and Milestones
  • 33:08 The Role of Technology in Business Growth
  • 36:02 Conclusion and Final Thoughts



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