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Podcast #101 - Count her in: Invest in Women's careers



In episode 101 of the Growth Series podcast, Jeremy Duncombe, Managing Director of Accord Mortgages, speaks to Kevin Roberts, Managing Director of L&G Mortgage Services, and Clare Beardmore, Director of L&G’s Mortgage Club, about allyship and investing in women.

Jeremy begins by asking Clare for her views on allyship, and she states that while it is massively important, it is also frustrating that this is even necessary.

Kevin, meanwhile, argues that companies perform better with a diverse and inclusive workforce, and says the most successful teams he’s worked in have been balanced, as all-male teams can be full of ego and testosterone.

Next, Jeremy asks Clare what’s preventing women from moving into senior roles, and she says many women suffer a lack of confidence and often have primary caregiving duties at home. However, she believes improving a company’s culture and offering flexible working options could help more women get into senior positions and remain there.  

The conversation then turns to how male allies can support women’s career progression, and Kevin highlights the importance of mentoring and coaching. He also encourages men to be aware of common microaggressions such as interrupting female colleagues, as well as to understand issues that affect women such as the menopause.

Clare adds that a diverse workforce can add massive value to a business, and that having females in senior roles will encourage more women to follow their lead and seek promotions themselves.

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00:49 to 29:00

  • Introduction to guests
  • Clare’s views on allyship
  • Benefits of promoting women into senior roles
  • Obstacles that prevent progress
  • Making job specs more inclusive
  • How companies with diverse senior leadership teams outperform less diverse firms
  • How men can support female progression
  • Pay equity for women
  • Stereotypes and biases that hinder women's advancement
  • Opportunities and challenges in advancing gender diversity in senior roles


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