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Online marketing may sound great - but how do you get the most out of it?

You may have decided to put some time and energy into investigating online marketing. Generating more mortgage enquiries just by sitting at your computer - what‘s not to like? However, after writing a few blogs, updating your website and indulging in a bit of Twitter banter, you may feel you’ve not had much back. Quite frankly, you’re also feeling a little overwhelmed by all the terminology and the fact that there always seems to be some new system to get your head around.      

At Accord, we understand that online marketing can be difficult for brokers, especially if you’re working on your own or in a small brokerage. We realise you may not be able to dedicate as much resource to it as some of the ‘big boys’ but does this mean you have to miss out altogether? We‘ve outlined four areas you can focus on without having to spend a lot of time or money, so you too can make the most of online marketing.           

Set a clear strategy with specific goals

No matter what resources you have, you must be clear about why you’re using online marketing and what you’re hoping to achieve from it. Without a strategy or any goals, you risk attempting too much and being directionless. It’s like the well-known Lewis Carroll quote, ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there’. So how many new enquiries do you need to generate? Are you trying to tap into a particular sector or geographical area? Make sure you’re being realistic about the level of resources you can set aside. Clearly defined goals will enable you to measure your success after a fixed time period so you know whether to keep the same strategy, tweak it or change tack entirely.

Stay local

If you are a local provider then focus on being local: this is your unique selling point so capitalise on it. Your customers will have presumably chosen you rather than a larger provider because of your personalised service and local knowledge. Your prospective customers will be no different. So don't try to write a blog that has a very wide appeal like 'first time buyer mortgages'. You’ll be competing with all the other blogs with a similar title. Instead, consider something like 'How to get a first time mortgage in Margate'. You will immediately differentiate yourself and resonate much more powerfully with your target audience. 

Try to find quick wins

If you have don’t have a dedicated marketing resource, it’s particularly important that you concentrate on the initiatives that are the easiest to introduce and will have the most impact. Did you know that signing up to Google My Business can count for up to 25% of the calculation Google makes when choosing which sites it ranks for certain local search queries? It only takes a short time to set up - take a look at our Cheat Sheet for generating new business from Google Business here. It’s also worthwhile reviewing your current email activity and considering what could be automated or where you could set up templates – like our online review generator email template.      


Choose your partners wisely

There are lots of agencies around offering website development, SEO input and marketing expertise. The same is true for automated marketing softwares and CRM systems. It’s important to make use of the experts but do your homework and assess which ones are appropriate for your type and size of business. Don't be tempted to choose the first one that calls or the one that's closest. Make sure they can achieve what you want from them; set defined goals, targets or outcomes and be prepared to move on if they don't hit the mark.

Online marketing doesn’t have to be hard work. It should be helping you attract your prospective customers by ‘pulling them in’. Use the four tips above to help you do this.

The Accord Growth Series

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