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How to write a client case study (Free Template)

Case studies can help your business attract new customers, showcase your work, give real examples of what your product or service can do, and provide people with a reason to trust you based on past performance. 

You may decide to highlight a particular issue or scenario, for example, a case study about buy-to-let or Help to Buy. Once the information is in place, we would recommend that you select a gripping title for each section to attract the reader’s attention and keep them reading, but our initial template headings give you something to go on.

Download your free template by clicking below:

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Use an eye-catching title or heading about what the case study is about and how your service benefits the reader.    


This section is purely introductory information: who is the client? What is their situation? Why did they come to you? 


What are the clients’ ‘pain points?’ What negative consequences did they want you to avoid? What do they want you to solve? Any relevant factors in the current marketplace or in the news? 


What did you introduce or recommend? How did you implement your solution? What challenges did you and the client overcome? What did the process look like? How did you develop a strategic plan to meet the goals that had been defined?

The results 

If possible, use metrics and statistics - they always lend weight to a case study! What were the tangible and intangible results? How did the relationship with the client develop? How did you make a difference? What’s changed as a result of your involvement?

What the client said / what you thought of the project

What was the client’s reaction to the work you did? 

Do you have any quotes from the client which would provide credibility? Help them by asking specific questions: what were they particularly pleased with? What was the main problem they were struggling with? What did they like about working with you? What was the main benefit of working with you?  

And how did you think it went? What you were pleased with? What would you do again? 

Call to action...

This is the goal of the case study; it’s not an advert but you’re aiming to create a genuine connection with the person reading it. Hopefully, people with a similar issue will want to get in touch, so gently encourage them. Lead the reader to a landing page, a contact form, offer them something relevant and of value to download, or simply list your contact details. 

A final top tip: break it all up with some images! 

For more tips and advice on enhancing your business online, check out the Accord broker’s Growth Library.


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