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How brokers can make communication work harder

The coronavirus outbreak has sent us spiralling into a new world of lockdowns and social distancing, and put us on a national emergency footing the likes of which hasn’t been seen in this country since World War Two. 

All of us are facing challenges, and each challenge is different from one household to another, depending on your age, the number of dependants you have, whether you care for anybody and so on.

How businesses respond to these challenges is vital. Of course staying in touch is part of it, but it’s about going beyond a blanket message of reassurance and sending your clients personalised, tailored communications offering your support. This comms strategy can then develop as relationships progress and events evolve, until you emerge as the business that held fast during tough times rather than the business that sent only one reactionary email.

In the Growth Series, we have been building a collection of guides and blogs to help brokers take their business to the next level. A big opportunity lies in how brokers communicate with their clients, and fine tuning their communications to ensure clients get a consistent level of service.

Your small business newsletter template

It all starts with a good plan, and having a newsletter is a great foundation for long term communication with your clientbase. 

It is also a powerful way of getting your brand heard among your audience and keeping them informed about your business, your sector and how you’re reacting to current events. It would, for instance, be a good platform to use in order to inform your clients of mortgage holidays.

Check out the template here.

The hidden value of a broker’s advice

We initially wrote this blog to address the level of stress experienced by those buying a home, whether moving property or as a first home. 

But the hidden value of a broker’s advice really extends beyond the everyday worries of people moving around the housing market. 

Brokers hold a crucial role as advisers who can manage their clients’ fears over the unexpected. At a time when lenders are focused on handling their fair share of enquiries and keeping up with the latest measures from the government, a broker’s advice can be critical to ensuring clients are not left in the dark.

Read more here.

How to generate leads through email marketing

Email marketing is a huge opportunity for any business. In 2018 (latest figures), email marketing’s return on investment was estimated to be £32.28 for every £1 spent.

To be successful, a business needs to understand its audience, understand its audience’s needs, and deliver personalised messages at scale. 

Read our full guide here.

While you may not be able to visit clients, you can let them know you are still there, so make sure you have a regular communications programme in place to offer the reassurance many of them will need.

For more advice on growing your business, visit the Growth Series.


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