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Hiring an Administrator: Key skills checklist

If you’re hiring a new mortgage administrator, you need your ideal candidate to boast the right skills and capabilities. 

So here are just a few things you should be looking for as you seek to hire the right person.

Organisational skills 

Mortgage administrators will be spinning several plates at the same time, from monitoring client emails to carrying out general office admin, so you want to be confident the person you hire can handle multiple case files at once without letting standards drop.

Make sure your chosen candidate is capable of multi-tasking, planning ahead and managing their own time effectively.

IT literacy

The role of a mortgage administrator involves regularly using specialist software, databases and apps including Microsoft Office and Excel, so it’s important your chosen candidate is proficient, confident and adaptable with technology.

Communication skills

A mortgage administrator must liaise with the sales team, mortgage advisers and other cogs in the machinery and be able to share information clearly and concisely.

It’s therefore vital that the person you hire boasts strong communication skills, speaking appropriately depending on who they’re talking to, maintaining good eye contact in face-to-face meetings and being clear both verbally and in writing.

Customer service skills

Mortgage administrators must be friendly, empathetic and able to build and maintain relationships, as they’ll be regularly taking phone calls from third parties and managing ad hoc communications.

Being personable and approachable can help to build a rapport and sense of trust in your business, so it’s well worth making sure your mortgage administrators are strong in this area.        

Attention to detail 

As mortgage advisers pore through complex case files, they’ll need to be able to pick up on tiny details, so being meticulous about the finer points of the information displayed is crucial.

The face of your company

A mortgage administrator will spend much of their time dealing with external organisations and third parties. That means they’ll be effectively representing your business in many interactions, so your ideal candidate must be comfortable assuming this responsibility.

Learn more: Job Description Template - Mortgage Administrator 

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