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Top tips for generating new leads from your existing clients

In the desire to build your business and generate new leads, it’s all too easy to forget the most obvious source - your existing clients. You’ve, no doubt, done a fantastic job for them so they’re the perfect ambassadors for your service. Clients are often only too happy to speak of their experience, which has real credibility with prospects. Brokers, however, can be reticent in approaching existing clients so here are our top tips to make it a natural part of doing business.        

Ask for referrals

Rule number 1 - don’t be afraid to ask! It’s no good assuming your clients will remember you and sing your praises. Once they’ve actually moved into their new home, people tend to forget the mortgage process. But someone, somewhere will always be moving house or looking for a mortgage. You‘ve probably heard of the six degrees of separation; the idea that we’re only six handshakes or fewer away from each other. Make sure you’re the mortgage broker your friends or colleagues automatically think of and actively seek referrals.

Get online reviews

Online reviews are a great way of generating enquiries. How many times have you checked review sites like TripAdvisor before booking a holiday or restaurant? Well, the same applies for mortgage advice. Potential clients are more likely to choose a  broker with a good online rating. Google also looks at a site’s reviews when deciding how to rank sites in their search engine. So get an email template ready and ask your clients for reviews as part of your day-to-day activities. To add to your online reviews, you’ll just need one or more of the following for your business: a Facebook page, a Google My Business page or a Trustpilot account.   

Use e-newsletters

It’s a competitive world out there so it’s important to keep front of mind with your existing customers. If you don’t do so already, keep in touch on a regular basis by putting together an enewsletter. This is your opportunity to position yourself as someone in the know, share any mortgage deals that may be of interest to them, include any top tips, industry news or happenings within your business. Remember to keep it friendly, engaging and topical.  

There are lots of free email marketing platforms, such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor that you can use to build your monthly newsletters.

Be active on social

The ‘6 degrees of separation’ principle is particularly relevant on social media. If you reach one person, just think how many followers they may have on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. It’s not enough, though, to just ‘be’ on social to generate leads. You need to engage with your contacts, show interest, post a comment and get involved in discussions. Networking online in this way will deliver more connections and ultimately more leads. Don’t expect results overnight but it’s worth it in the long run.

Make them feel special

It’s the little things that stand out and get remembered. Consider the entire journey a typical client will go on with you. Now think of ways where you can surprise and delight your clients along the way. For example, at Accord we send a Welcome hamper to your client’s new home from you… Small steps like this go a long way in cementing a relationship.

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