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Podcast #5 - The future of the Buy to Let market and how brokers can leverage its opportunities


In episode 5 of the Accord Growth Series podcast, John Brenan, Media Relations Manager at Accord Mortgages, is joined by Jane Simpson, Managing Director at a BTL Mortgage Specialists company, TBMC, to discuss what the future holds for the BTL market and what this could mean for mortgage brokers.

Over the last two years, the BTL market has changed enormously. Changes to Stamp Duty, new ICR (Interest Cover Ratio) rules, as well as the phasing in of new tax relief have fundamentally altered the state of the market. Jane outlines how, in the long run, these changes could cause a general shift towards more professional landlords with larger portfolios. Already, many landlords are setting up limited companies to hold their properties. In years to come, there could be an increase in landlords requiring detailed mortgage advice around this area.

Jane describes how successful BTL brokers of the future may find their niche by supporting landlords looking at lots of different types of property. Providing access to BDMs, underwriters and mortgage specialists could be a way for mortgage brokers to satisfy landlords’ needs in what could become a contracted marketplace.
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Podcast #5

0.00 - 1.00: Welcome and introduction

1.00 - 19.00: In conversation with John Brenan, Media Relations Manager at Accord Mortgages and Jane Simpson, Managing Director at TBMC, covering the future of the BTL market. Together they discuss details such as:

  • The effect of recent legislation on the BTL market
  • How mortgage brokers could add value to their service in this context
  • How BTL mortgage specialists can help brokers provide the best possible service on the product side
  • The longer term outlook for brokers

19.00 - 20.00: Outro

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