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Iain Cunningham & Danny Belton

18/06/2020 Podcast #41 - adapting to our changing world (6)

with Iain Cunningham & Danny Belton


In episode 41 of the Growth Series podcast, Iain Cunningham, Corporate Account Manager at Accord Mortgages, is joined by Danny Belton, Head of Lender Relationships at L&G Mortgage Club. Now going for 25 years, L&G Mortgage Club is the longest-running mortgage club in the UK. Together, Iain and Danny discuss how L&G Mortgage Club has enabled its employees to manage working from home and the constant changes seen throughout the UK lockdown.

This is the fifth episode in a special series looking at ‘the new normal’ and how intermediaries are coping with trying times. Danny takes us through what he has gained from having more time at home, his best advice for intermediaries during this time, and how teams at L&G are keeping in touch. 

Danny has found that flexibility in ways of working and limited travel have been surprising benefits during lockdown. From spending more time with his family to discovering new recipes, Danny acknowledges that working from home has had a positive effect on his well-being.

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1.38 - 32.23 discuss:

  • How working from home can be a positive
  • Getting settled in a home office
  • The impact of less travel on productivity
  • The challenge of not seeing your team in person
  • How L&G uses Teams to keep up morale
  • Exercise as a boost to mental health
  • The importance of communication and becoming a trusted adviser to clients

32.23-33.23 Outro

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