The Growth Series

Highlights: articles, podcasts and guides loved by brokers in 2019

We’ve had a busy year building the Growth Series and packing it with content that brokers can use to enhance their business, grow their customer base, boost customer satisfaction, create stellar websites and market themselves effectively. 

As the year winds to a close, here’s a summary of what you have enjoyed reading the most.  

1. Help To Buy (Guide)

This summer we launched our very own Help to Buy Guide. It is aimed at brokers wanting the very latest information on this evolving housing policy which, while set to end in 2023, is facing further changes in the interim.

More than 211,000 homes have been bought using the scheme since its launch in 2013, and 37% of people surveyed who used Help to Buy said they could not have bought a property without it. Click here to read it now or download it for later.

2. Customer Retention (Guide)

While leads and new customers may be the goal of any business and sales team, retaining customers is the sometimes neglected opportunity that all of us should jump on.

In fact, Esther Dijkstra, director of strategic partnerships at Lloyds Banking Group, goes as far as to say: “Retention, retention, retention – for lenders, brokers and customers. The retention market has overtaken the acquisition market.”

Why? Studies show that an increase in spending by existing customers by only 5% can boost a company’s profits by as much as 95%. With those numbers, can you really afford not to make retention a higher priority? 

To read our comprehensive guide to how brokers can increase customer retention, click here.

3. How mortgage brokers can attract first time buyers (Podcast)

One of our most listened to podcasts this year interviews Daniel Hobbs, Managing Director at New Leaf Distribution, and looks at how first time buyers enter the market, and how brokers can position themselves to support at every stage of the mortgage process.

From looking at the current state of the market to what brokers should be wary of when engaging with first time buyers, it’s an interesting podcast that you can listen to here.

4. The Digital Broker (Podcast)

Technology presents an incredible opportunity for brokers to grow and explore new ways of engaging customers. And the industry tide is drifting toward the digitisation of the mortgage experience; everything from the initial meeting to remortgaging can happen remotely without the need to travel. 

Guest speaker Clayton Shipton, Managing Director at CLS Money, says mortgage brokers need to prepare for when the current younger generation enters the mortgage market with the expectation that they can experience video chat no matter which service they choose.

The future of the online mortgage market looks very different for those used to a traditional model. Clayton sees banks competing with big tech firms that might come into the mortgage market off the back of having access to ‘Big Data’. Have a listen to the full podcast here.

5. How to market later life lending (Blog)

A growing trend this year and what is sure to bring big business to brokers in 2020 is the rise of later life lending. We looked at the stats early this year and found there is a large part of the population in their seventies or eighties who want to know how they can borrow money or access money from their house. Lenders are reacting to this increased demand by placing a greater number of later life products on the market.   

But what is the best way to market this type of lending? Read the blog here

6. How to support vulnerable customers (Podcast)

Everyone has their own interpretation of what makes a customer vulnerable - the key is in identifying how a broker can support each case by finding the right products for each person, rather than just being a lender’s vessel for selling mortgages. 

We spoke to Janis Hambling, Senior Manager of Customer Solutions Delivery at Yorkshire Building Society Group, who discussed how the importance of a strong vulnerable customer strategy makes good business sense as well as meeting the expectations of today’s consumer. Janis takes us through an interesting case study: how she herself ensures the YBS Group protects vulnerable customers through extensive training, and implements a culture within the company to ensure employees also experience greater support.

If you’d like to listen to how you can challenge the concept of ‘average’ or ‘typical’ consumer, check out the podcast here.

7. Sourcing systems - where next? (Podcast)

Sourcing systems have helped alleviate brokers’ workloads for almost two decades, and their evolution has been toward a single goal: to make the buying process as easy and painless as possible for the broker while delivering an excellent service to their customers. 

Guest speakers Mark Lofthouse, CEO at Mortgage Brain, and James Tucker, CEO at Twenty7Tec, discuss the importance of brokers knowledge of the system, drawing an interesting comparison between the systems of the past and more modern sourcing systems. Consumers’ needs are getting much more complex and so there’s a greater demand for more advanced sourcing systems, generating large amounts of value to users when compared with the basic info provided by earlier versions. Listen to the podcast here.

8. 7 festive marketing tips (Blog)

A more recent addition to the Growth Series has been a festive look at marketing tips that brokers can use to enhance their business offering and launch themselves into the New Year with a bang.

From tips on increasing customer retention to meeting new brokers to collaborate on building each other’s businesses, we put a festive twist on it to keep it a seasonally light read. Enjoy the blog here.

9. Website basics to consider (Blog)

It’s often easy to get bogged down in adapting to new technological trends, ensuring your business is at the cutting edge of the latest tools to growing and keeping your customers happy.

Sometimes, however, it’s good to review the basics. Check out our blog on basic tips for making your website work for you. From having a suitable ‘Contact Us’ page to ensuring you use enough social proof to attract people to your services.

10. How to write a client case study (Blog / includes a free Template)

Speaking of having a great website that works for you, client case studies are a powerful way of ensuring your previous great work gets the attention it deserves.

We wanted this to be as user friendly as possible, so we included a free template for you to download and use. We hope you find it useful: here’s the blog.

11. How social media can help scale up your business (Blog)

According to Statista, the number of social media users worldwide is expected to hit 3.02 billion active users per month by 2021 – a third of the world’s population!

With that in mind, here’s a broker’s guide to using social media to scale, build brand awareness and use video to keep an audience engaged, all the while being focused on delivering consistent value. Check out the guide here.

12. LinkedIn guide (Podcast)

Phil Calvert, International Keynote Speaker and LinkedIn expert, describes how he was one of the first to see the potential for social media in the financial services industry, which was slow to embrace it. Since then he hasn’t looked back and has been training and consulting businesses on how to use social media platforms like LinkedIn to make the right kind of connections, generate sales and post jobs.

LinkedIn has turned into a huge global hiring platform with over 500 million users. However, remarkably few people actually use the full range of features available to them, with many seeing the network as a quick fix. Phil explains how getting the most out of it, with a clearly defined strategy, can really pay dividends. Listen to the podcast here.

We hope you’ve found this content useful, and that you’ll join us next year for even more. To never miss out, be sure to sign up to the Growth Series. Until then, have a great festive season.


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