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7 festive marketing tips

Marketing is ‘snow joke’, but it’s time to get festive.

There will be an avalanche of Christmas-themed adverts on TV (we’re waiting, John Lewis) that’ll fire up people’s season to be jolly.

And this is where you and your business can play a big part - by dressing your marketing in tinsel and delivering seasonally relevant content to an audience primed to engage with festive cheer.

Send a Christmas card

It might sound obvious but it’s an inexpensive way of reconnecting with existing clients and a valuable tool in your ‘client retention arsenal’. Everyone likes receiving a festive card and having your business name in the mix shows you care and are thinking of them. Hand write it for added brownie points.

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Christmas is the time for parties and networking. Invite your most engaged client to your office Christmas party, or attend seasonally themed business functions to connect with other brokers and share ideas about the industry in a space infused with Christmas tree glee.

Festive emails

And speaking of infusing things with festive glee, giving your emails a Christmas twist will help you stand out in people’s inboxes. If a client is approaching the end of their fixed-term interest period, for instance, the last thing they want is a dry email nudging them to hire you to find them a better deal. Instead, wish them happy holidays and remind them you’re there to help after they’re done opening gifts and carving the turkey.

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Customer satisfaction survey

Customer satisfaction surveys give you valuable feedback that you can use to improve your service and add particularly high praise to your website as a testimonial. If you give it a festive twist, customers are less likely to ignore it and take the time to answer your questions.

Read more: How to design a customer satisfaction survey (PDF)

Be the elf on the social shelf

Social media is the perfect platform to have a little fun on. Whether it’s posting pictures of your office Christmas party or sending out money tips to help people save in the run up to the big day, it’s a platform that offers the flexibility to display your social persona and reach out to those clients that engage with an active business. If you need inspiration for festive messaging, here’s a great source of Christmas-themed puns.

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Use video content

Don’t be daunted by the camera lens - video is a powerful engagement tool and a growing trend among businesses is to visually reach out to their audiences. A Christmas-themed video is the perfect platform to wish them happy holidays, to run a themed webinar, or even a wacky video that shows your funny side. It’s a fun medium to get creative with, and can seriously boost your social engagement.

Some extra listening: Podcasts also work. In fact, we’ve got our own audio library.

Go the ‘full Santa’

If you have a favourite client who regularly comes back to you for business, or a client who refers you to their friends and family and therefore cuts down on your customer acquisition costs, why not send them a gift? It doesn’t have to be huge, or need to be publicised online, but it’s sure to delight.

We hope these ideas inspire you to reach out with a festive message! For more tips on growing your business, check out our Growth Library.

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